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Long story.  The short version is this. We found a couple of sheets of this stunning material way back in 2016 and bought every sheet we could find. Then we ran out and couldn't find any more. 


We spent more than three years scouring the planet for more and couldn't find any. Finally, in 2022, we struck paydirt. We found a few more sheets halfway around the world and DHL'd them directly to us here in California. I doubt we'll find any more. 


These particular models are (still) mostly fabricated mostly by hand, much to our chaigrin, so please allow approximately three weeks for your picks to ship. Thank You!


I must say one more thing. Everyone in the boutique world says their picks "sound like tortoise shell." Well, they can't ALL sound like genuine TS, can they? I bought the last TS picks from McCabes Guitars in 1977, after CITES went into effect. That's  more than 45 years ago, folks. I've been playing TS picks longer than most of my competitors have been alive. And guess what? These really DO sound like tortoise shell picks. I'll stake my reputation on it.   


This pick comes with FREE SHIPPING to your door.


Thanks for looking,



Meet Iridescence. Elegant. Understated. Distinctive. The perfect gift for the guitarist who has everything. The most beautiful pick in the industry,


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently running 30-day lead times on this model. Order early for the holidays or special occasions.


Inlaid in genuine mother of pearl in the shape of our Shamrock logo, this may be the most difficult pick in the industry to make. But my oh my is it sweet and stunning. 


Here's what you're looking at. Our gorgeous, proprietary blood-red cabernet casein pick, inlaid with our Shamrock logo. If you're seeking a unique gift for the guitarist in your life, look no further. No one else in the industry makes anything like this. 


Comes with free shipping.










ifr-1.50 mm Mother of Pearl inlaid in Artisan Cabernet Casein

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