brown ("cl") series

Rave Review from Maury's Music (clf-.75 and clt-.75): Full Review, with videos at:

Charmed Life Picks are Made in the USA from two of the most popular materials in the guitar playing world.  Top players have compared the CL picks to other high-end brands. ... Charmed Life picks are handmade from industrial plastics. I received my first CL pick - a .75mm Triangle, and I really like it!   I spent over 20 years playing thin picks, and developed a "death grip" because those picks flex so well.  When Lori and I started Maury's Music, I discovered several boutique pick manufacturers, but all their products were too thick for my grip.  Strumming with a heavy pick requires a good amount of touch, and it's taken me a more than a few years to re-train my muscle memory. 

I found out about Charmed Life Picks several months ago, on the Acoustic Guitar Forum.  We're a proud sponsor of the AGF, and I'd often see glowing reviews for Scott's Charmed Life guitar picks (Scott's a Sponsor there, too).  I wanted to dip my toes in the pool, but Scott's inventory was mostly standard shaped picks, in thicknesses of .90 and greater.  That is ... until now! 


For me, this pick is the best of both worlds. Because of its large shape and .75 thickness, it has enough flex for my grip, and the right amount of attack & presence.  Because of the material used, it has warmth, sustain and a beautiful decay.  


Before finding this pick, I would want to play a thick pick for its warmth, but need to play a thin pick for its flex and sharpness. This CL pick really brings out the tone of my Martin OM-28V. I'll still bring a pocket full of Dunlop .60 triangles & Awe In One Yellows to my gigs, but my new Charmed Life .75 mm is my #1 go-to in the studio and at home. Maybe someday I'll graduate to the thicker .90s -- but for now, I'm pretty psyched to have quality pick with some flex. 

Thanks again Scott! 

tortoise ("n") series

nt-1.25: First impression, stunningly beautiful. I was expecting a mostly darker color and this one is a nice cream color with darker streaking. Second impression, love the size and feel plus the holes subtley add to the grip security. There is a lovely transparency. Early playing impression when comparing to my ---- ---- is similarity in tone with a slight hint of brightness in the Charmed Life. This a wonderful product. I'm not sure how it fits into my playing but I've little doubt that it will make the rotation. Outstanding product. Keep up the great work, Scott.

                                                                                             -- B.R., Louisiana

nf-1.15: I really like the tortoise. Much cheaper than ---- ----.

I think you're on to something! If you can have them in stock all the time, you'll sure sell alot.            -- Mike M., Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

nf-1.15: I gave the pick a good test drive at the jam last night. Before doing this I honestly didn't think that a pick could affect the sound as much as it does. Boy was I surprised! Your pick is so much warmer than my other picks."          -- M. I., Van Nuys, CA

clf-.75: Since Charmed Life Picks started making a presence on AGF and offering the same material at .75 mm thickness, I got in touch with the owner (Scott) and had a few back and forth e-mails with him. The good thing about his e-mails is that they are lengthy and fun to read!                  -- C.W., Taiwan

clf-.90: "Scott, what have you done?? I got home from a bluegrass festival this afternoon, found the new pick in my mailbox, played it for a half hour, and now I'm hating my ____ ____! I've been sitting here on my practice chair, picking and strumming away, giggling to myself like a crazy person. This pick is UNBELIEVABLE."                               -- Daniel S., Tuscon, AZ

clf-.90: "No, I am not getting paid to comment on these picks, but if I find something that works I'll share it. The pick came in today when I was on my way out. I had to try it before I left. What was supposed to be a few strums turned into about 20 minutes. Such a warm, sweet sound. This is the sound I have been looking for. Again Scott you nailed it with these picks."

                                                                     -- Jim Y., Fort Myers. FL