Casein is really hard to work with. The blanks are in the barn, but please allow at least three weeks for us to wave our magic wand and turn them into world-class picks. As you've probably heard, we're driven perfectionists. 


The nfb-1.25 mm is stunningly gorgeous, and sounds as good as it looks. It's from the same manufacturer as our legendary red and flame casein products -- same incredible smoothness and warmth, balance, tortoise-like tone, and quietness across the strings.


This gorgeous blue casein material is a world-wide exclusive to charmed life picks. We are honored to offer it to you.  


Casein varies somewhat in thickness from pick to pick and is very hard to dial in. We aim for a range of approx 1.20-1.30 mm on this one, and sleep pretty good at night when we get close. 


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