This is my favorite pick in our company. It is also the most difficult to make. It began as an accident; I over-sanded a 1.0 mm and ended up with this little dude. Wow.


To the best of my knowledge, this is the only thin pick in our industry made with premium materials. If you've heard about tortoise shell, this is the closest pick you'll find to TS, guaranteed. 


BTW, "ss" stands for "soft strummer." This one is great for standard picking and strumming on light to medium gauge strings. If you're heavy-handed or looking to play leads, please see some of our thicker casein models in the same finish. 


The nf-.75ss (approx .75-.85 mm thickness due to hand finishing) is the thinnest casein pick in the industry. If you ever wanted to own a pick that sounds and feels like real tortoise shell, this is it -- and we're the only people in the world who make it. (Please Note: "ss" stands for "soft strummer"; this pick is designed for regular strumming and playing on light to medium gauge strings, NOT heavy duty leads. Such activity voids the warranty. For lead playing, order a thicker model .90 mm and above.)


Here's a vid of me playing this model on my Eastman slope dread, no pickup, straight into a Shure MS-58. And by the way, we are the official guitar pick line of Eastman guitar, endorsed by them as their go-to picks.





  • We're sorry we're not faster. Our products are very much in demand, and we're fussy about quality. Generally, we ship within 3-5 days of the order being placed, then figure roughly another three days for the mail.

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