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Who else in the pick business puts the word "WARRANTY" right up there on their main menu bar? Nobody, that's who. Only WE are crazy enough to do that.


Frankly, folks, we're embarrassed by many of the so-called "high-end" guitar pick manufacturers when it comes to warrranty. Here's a quick rundown. 


One major pick manufacturer gives "no results" when searching their site for the word "warranty". You don't even mention it? The word's that poison-ous?!

Another states, "No, but you can exchange it for other stuff." Once we got your money, we ain't never givin' it back. 

Two others claim the Fifth Amendment. 

The best of is one very well-known company who threatens and insults their customers within an inch of their life for even suggesting they might ask for a return. Gee, I didn't know Darth Vader was in the guitar pick business. Then they order you to hold your hand out so they can smack your knuckles with a ruler. 

None of that nonsense at Charmed Life, folks. We actually think human beings should be treated like, well, human beings.


Dude, we're actually proud of our warranty. We're not gonna skulk around at midnight in a dark trenchcoat, our packets crammed full of YOUR GREENBACKS, hiding away from you at the mere mention of the word "warranty" or "return." What a way to run a business.


We guarantee for thirty-five (35) days our products to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. Also, within the same thirty-five (35) day period, if you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase from us, please return it to us in a non-abused condition and we will cheerfully refund THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE*

There, that was easy, wasn't it?

* To protect your investment, and ours, we ask you to return it in a bubble envelope with USPS tracking. This costs about $3.00.

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