Hi, Folks. I've been playing genuine tortoise shell picks for more than forty years, and they remain our reference standard -- the feel and tone against which we measure all the picks in the marketplace, both ours and others. Frankly, if it doesn't measure up, we're not interested in selling a pick, no matter how profitable or easy it is to make. The material must at least approach the touch and performance of genuine TS, or we have no interest in selling it. 


That being said, we are in staunch opposition to the marketing or exchange of banned tortoise shell products; in fact, we're on the cusp of introducing a model that will  raise revenues for the preservation of sea turtle habitat. Stay tuned for that.  


I no longer take my tortoise picks out of the house, and for decades I've been searching for the best legal replacement. And here it is -- the model you're looking at right now is where my search ended.


If you've heard about the legendary tone and feel of genuine TS picks, prized by such top performers as Tony Rice, you're in for a real treat. It don't come any closer.


Charmed Life Picks was never supposed to be a thing. I started making picks for myself way back in 2015, trying to capture the tone and feel of genuine TS picks. Then people asked me for one.


We're the only company in the industry that manufactures a high-performance  .75 mm teardrop from the finest casein bioplastic available in the market today. But these are almost impossible to make, so why persist? Because they were for me first, folks, no one else. I made them for myself, then others heard about them. 


Trust me, you've never in your life heard a teardrop pick this good. Oh my my. And they are fantastic for recording. 


Here's a video of me performing Michael Smith's wonderful "The Dutchman" tune with this the flame version of this model:







One last thing: A casein pick this thin is a bit of a delicate exercise, both to manufacture and to play. The "ss" in the model number stands for "soft strummer." This material is surprisingly durable, but please don't press it beyond its limits. As long as you don't go all windmill, Pete Townshend on the thing, it'll give you years of service. And the tone. Oh, that tone. 











  • IMPORTANT: This pick is designed for light to normal playing, NOT heavy strumming or lead playing. Works best with light gauge strings and a lighter setup.