This model requires extra special care in both manufacturing and playing. It's an incredible pick, the thinnest high-performance casein pick in the industry, and oh my, does it sing. If you'd like to be considered for one of these, please email me directly at SPECIAL ORDER in the subject line, IN ALL CAPS, so we may discuss it. This model is currently running a four-week lead time. 


Trust me, you've never in your life heard a teardrop pick this good. Oh my my. Here's a video of me performing Michael Smith's wonderful "The Dutchman" tune with this the flame version of this model.







meet Meet our newest family member: the industry's first pick of our industry-leading "tortoise" material at .75 mm. This is flat out an extraordinary flatpick that will blow your socks off. (IMPORTANT: "ss" stands for "soft strummer". Do NOT buy this pick for heavy strumming or lead playing. Buy something thicker for that.)


  • IMPORTANT: This pick is designed for light to normal playing, NOT heavy strumming or lead playing. Works best with light gauge strings and a lighter setup.

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