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Howdy, Folks, this is my favorite pick of everything we make!


If I had to choose one model from everything we make, this would be it. Man, do I love this thing -- and so do hundreds and hundreds of our customers through the years. It's just astounding. There's nothing else like it on the market. We're the only ones who make it. 


Here's the deal. I've been playing genuine tortoise shell picks for more than forty years, and they remain our reference standard -- the feel and tone against which we measure all our picks, and everyone else's picks too.


Of course everyone says, "Our picks sound and feel as good as tortoise shell." Uh, no. Ask them if they've ever actually played TS, then ask them for how long they've playing it. I suck as a player, but I bought the last TS picks from McCabe's in 1977, after CITES had passed, and I've been playing them ever since. That makes 45 years. And I've been obsessed with plastics since I was nine years old.


The day of TS picks has passed. It's time to move on. I have a few, but I never take them out of the house anymore. This little gem? Totally legal, and It's the closest you will ever find to the real thing. I'll bet my company on it. 


BTW, this is astounding pick for recording. It's so light, it feels like you're holding air. 


We're the only company in the industry that manufactures a high-performance  .75 mm teardrop from the finest casein bioplastic available on the market today. These are almost impossible to make, so why persist? Because I'm driven to tone; I'm driven to make the best sounding picks in the world.


I could go on and on. Funny story. This pick came about when I over-sanded a 1.0 mm. So I played it, fully expecting it to break, and it didn't. Then I sent some out to some friends. Theirs didn't break either. That's how it came to be. 


Trust me, you've never in your life heard a legal teardrop this good. It's been six years, and I'll still in awe. 


Here's a video of me playing -- badly -- Michael Smith's wonderful "The Dutchman" tune with this model. This song was played on an amazing Eastman E-10SS slope dread, directly into a Shure SM-58. I suck in the beginning, but begin to suck less about halfway through.


One more thing. We sell this same model in a twin-pack on our blem page at 30% off the retail price. These are cosmetic blems,  with tiny imperfections and without our etched Shamrock logo, fully warranteed and sounding fantastic. We are the only boutique pick company that sells off our blems and saves you this kind of money, and that makes me very proud. People often say, "Your blems are nicer than the 'new' picks' we get from the other guy." Here's the link:


A last proviso. Casein is a weird material. It IS brittle at times.


The "ss" in the model name stands for "soft strummer." This pick should not be played hard, but it will last a long time if you just play it normally. 


Casein is surprisingly durable if played dutifully, but please don't press this pick beyond its limits. As long as you don't go full windmill, Pete Townshend-style, it'll give you years of service. And the tone. Oh, that tone. 














  • IMPORTANT: This pick is designed for light to normal playing, NOT heavy strumming or lead playing. Works best with light gauge strings and a lighter setup.

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