This is the thinnest casein tri we've ever offered with grip holes. (In fact I believe it's the thinnest in the industry with this feature. ) At only 1.15 mm thick (1.10 - 1.20 mm, hand finished thickness), this is a very popular model and at great entry into the amazing word of high-quality casein picks. Tortoise-like tone and tortoise looks to match. The closest you'll ever play to the real thing.


As with all our products, it's precision machined, cut and finished, then hand tested in our 100% quality control department before leaving our building. And it comes with FREE SHIPPING!


AVAILABILITY: We can never make our casein models fast enough. Demand has always outpaced supply for all our casein products. We target to fill these orders, first in, first out, at 5-10 days from time of order. Wish we could pedal faster, but we're a tiny artisan shop with impossibly high standards of perfection and playability.