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The ntb-1.25 (sb) is stunningly gorgeous, and sounds as good as it looks. The material comes from the same manufacturer as our legendary flame series of products -- same incredible tortoise-like stone and smoothness, balanced, warm, and quiet across the strings. With speed bevels all the way around, this is one for the record books. Folks, this is the closest you will ever come playing genuine tortoise shell, I guarantee you, and I say this as someone who has played the real thing for more than forty years.  


This gorgeous blue casein color is once again a world-wide exclusive to charmed life picks. We are honored to offer it to you.  


LEAD TIME: We've never been able to catch up on demand. These are made almost entirely by hand. PLEASE allow three to four weeks from time of order.


Comes with free shipping. 






ntb-1.25 (sb) 346 Triangle Shape