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This purchase includes $10.00 donation to sea turtle preservation organizations, plus free shipping.


January 1, 2024: We have switched all our products to offering only right-handed speed bevels. This is the industry standard, and customization really slows down our processes. If you prefer any customized options, please see our note and pricing in the checkout box.


The Sea Turtle Preservation Series is an ongoing effort by Charmed Life Picks to contribute to the preservation and rescue of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle. This model is a gorgeous cerulean casein teardrop at 1.15 mm. 


Hawksbill Sea Turtles have been killed for millennia for their beautiful "tortoise shell" material, which also happens to make a great guitar pick. Of the seven extant sea turtle species in the world today, the Hawksill is by far the most severely endangered.


We wanted to take a leadership position in the industry on this issue, to be the first pick company to attack this crisis head-on and to protect these remarkable reptiles. 


This pick costs $45.00, which includes free shipping. Ten dollars from every sale is being donated directly by CLP to sea turtle preservation orgs (a list, with links, will soon be available on our homepage).


Current Lead Times: We're currently running three to four weeks from the time you place your order to shipment. 


Thanks for supporting this effort. It means so much to us. 









st-1.15 mm cerulean casein teardrop

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