After almost two years of testing in the field with more than three dozen of the best players we could find, we are introducing charmed life black. This is brand-new material to the pick industry, a CLP exclusive. It comes from the same molecular family as our best-selling brown series, but has tonal characteristics reminiscent of both the red and the brown.


The blf-1.0 is a standard teardrop at 1.0 mm (.040") thickness. It's a terrific player. As always, we offer a 35-day refund/return/exchange on all our models, including the black. This is an amazing material, brand-new to the industry, and we're the ONLY ones offering it. (Please Note: These are extremely popular. We are running anywhere from two to three weeks on lead time once the order is placed. Thank you for your patience.)


blf-1.0 more in Feb

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