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January 1, 2024: We have switched all our products to offering only right-handed speed bevels. This is the industry standard, and customization really slows down our processes. If you prefer any customized options, please see our note and pricing in the checkout box.


Long story.  The short version is this. We found a couple of sheets of this stunning material way back in 2016 and bought every sheet we could find. Then we ran out and couldn't find any more. 


We spent more than three years scouring the planet for more and couldn't find any. Finally, in 2022, we struck paydirt. We found a few more sheets halfway around the world and DHL'd them directly to us here in California. I doubt we'll find any more. 


These particularly models are (still) mostly fabricated mostly by hand, much to our chaigrin, so please allow approximately three weeks for your picks to ship. Thank You!


I must say one more thing. Everyone in the boutique world says their picks "sound like tortoise shell." Well, they can't ALL sound like genuine TS, can they? I bought the last TS picks from McCabes Guitars in 1977, after CITES went into effect. That's  more than 45 years ago, folks. I've been playing TS picks longer than most of my competitors have been alive. And guess what? These really DO sound like tortoise shell picks. I'll stake my reputation on it.   


This pick comes with FREE SHIPPING to your door.


Thanks for looking,



After more than two years of testing in the field with three dozen of the best players we could find, we introduced charmed life black way back in 2017. It was an immediate hit. This is a brand-new material to the pick industry, a CLP exclusive. It comes from a molecular family releted to Vespel and is likewise an engineering thermoplastic that has been around for decades. Play it straight up against Vespel. It's equally durable, quiet, fast and indescrutible. 


The blf-1.0 is a standard teardrop at 1.0 mm (.040") thickness. It's a terrific player. As always, we offer a 35-day refund/return/exchange on all our models, including the black. This is an amazing material, brand-new to the industry, and we're the ONLY ones offering it. (Please Note: These are extremely popular. We are running anywhere from two to three weeks on lead time once the order is placed. Thank you for your patience.)



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