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Introducing the thinnest high-performance large triangle in the industry. At a mere .60 mm, this featherweight will smoke anything in your pick locker. We guarantee it -- or send it back for a full refund. 


The black material come from a related molecular family to our best-selling brown series, but with some wonderful tonal differences. Most players tell us it "cuts through the mix" better than the brownies, so it's ideal in ensemble playing -- unless there is a banjo within 1000 yards. Play it against everything you can get your hands on and see if you don't agree. 


One last thing: The "ss" designation in certain models stands for "soft strummer." This is a very robust and durable plastic and will give you very long service IF you don't try to play leads on heavy guage strings. Light to medium gauge strings, and you're good to go. 


Please allow at least two weeks for delivery. 



black aerospace 1.0 & 1.40 mm

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