After more than two years of testing in the field with three dozen of the best players we could find, we introduced charmed life black way back in 2017. It was an immediate hit. This is a brand-new material to the pick industry, a CLP exclusive. It comes from a molecular family releted to Vespel and is likewise an engineering thermoplastic that has been around for decades. Play it straight up against Vespel. It's equally durable, quiet, fast and indescrutible.


The blf-75 teardrop is at .75 mm (.030") thickness. We guarantee you have never played a .75 mm teardrop as good as this one. As always, we offer a 35-day refund/return/exchange on all our models, but this one doesn't come back. Again, this is an amazing material, brand-new to the industry, and CLP is the only company offering it.


Please allow at least two weeks for delivery.