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January 1, 2024: We have switched all our products to offering only right-handed speed bevels. This is the industry standard, and customization really slows down our processes. If you prefer any customized options, please see our note and pricing in the checkout box.


This gorgeous casein material is a world-wide exclusive of Charmed life Picks. Long story. We found a couple of sheets of this stunning material way back in 2016 and bought every sheet we could find. Then we ran out and couldn't find any more. 


We spent more than THREE YEARS scouring the planet for more and couldn't find any. Finally, in 2023, we struck paydirt. We found a few more sheets halfway around the world and DHL'd them directly to us here in California. I doubt we'll find any more. 


These particularly models are (still) mostly fabricated mostly by hand, much to our chaigrin, so please allow approximately three weeks for your picks to ship. Thank You!


This pick comes with FREE SHIPPING to your door.


Thanks for looking,



This cabernet casein material is stunningly gorgeous and exclusive to charmed life picks. And it sounds as good as it looks. 

1.0 mm cabernet casein small triangle

$49.95 Regular Price
$44.95Sale Price
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