This is the thinnest casein tri we've ever offered with grip holes. I believe it's the thinnest in the industry with that feature. At only 1.15 mm thick (1.10 - 1.20 mm, hand finished thickness), we expect this to be a very popular model once word gets out. As with all our products, it's precision machined, cut and finished, then hand tested in our 100% quality control department before leaving our building. And it comes with FREE SHIPPING!


AVAILABILITY: We can never make our casein models fast enough. Demand has always outpaced supply for all our casein products. We target to fill these orders, first in, first out, at 5-10 days from time of order. Wish we could pedal faster, but we're a tiny artisan shop with impossibly high standards of perfection and playability. 


Thanks for your patience with us. We finally know how to polish these, but it's still all done by hand. We are now moving into the next phase -- automation -- where we hope to be able to produce the kind of quantities our customers demand. This is a long, slow process filled with research and trial-and-error, kinda like Edison building the first light bulb. Realistically, we expect this to be a two-year process. But I'm driven, and won't stop till I've mastered it. 

tortoise casein 1.15 & 1.40 mm