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PLEASE NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand, this model currently has a two-three week lead time from placement of order. Sorry we can't move faster. We're a small shop dedicated to the highest possible quality.  


The nt triangle models offer superb warmth, balance, and tortoise-like tone. This is the "tone-chaser's" material of choice. If, like me, you've spent decades searching for a legal replacement for your genuine TS pick, you just found it. I searched for forty years unit I found this stuff. These just don't come back. They're THAT good. 


This model is 1.40 mm (.055") thick, with added holes for grip.


IMPORTANT NOTE ON THICKNESS: This is the most difficult material in the pick industry to deal with. Most people won't even mess with it. Why me? I do it because I didn't start Charmed Life to create a business; I started CLP to make picks for myself and it BECAME a business. I totally backed into this thing. I was making picks for myself and my buddies began asking me to make one for them, then another, then their buddies -- and good God, I turn around and I'm in the guitar pick business. I had NO plans to do this. None. Somebody rescue me. So I make casein picks because I LOVE them, not so you'll buy them. But because l'm such a fricking perfectionist, we now make the best casein picks in the industry.


Okay, back to the thickness thing. On this model, we aim for thickness in the range of 1.30 - 1.45 mm. We feel lucky if we're inside those numbers. It's IMPOSSIBLE to polish and often needs to be resanded just when you thought you were done. It also shows the tiniest micro-scratches that I usually see but YOU don't. Again, the perfection thing. I drive myself crazy. And yes, I'm long-winded too. 


As with all our products, it's precision machined, cut and finished, then hand tested in our 100% quality control department before leaving our building.  


Please Note: FREE SHIPPING on this item! When comparing this product to other vendors,please remember that we ALWAYS pay for shipping right to your door. Others charge as much as $5.00 extra for shipping and handling. Never at CLP. 


nt-1.4 mm tortoise casein

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