Meet the nmf-1.50, our first mandolin model. At 1.50 mm thick, in the classic "chip" design, this model is aimed squarely at the thousands of mando players who want a slick, clean and warm tone, a tone a mando player can only get through casein plastic. There is nothing like this pick on the market today, period. This model is also made from the most popular material in our company, a color we call flame orange, or just "flame" for short, for which Charmed Life owns a worldwide exclusive. 


Availability: People have been asking about this model for more than two years, so there has been a lot of pent-up demand. Our first run was snagged by customers on an advanced waiting list. Subsequent runs are running about two to three weeks lead time. I know -- hurry up and wait. Prefer to be honest about this, and wish we could make these faster. 


artisan flame casein 1.50 mm