We've had a rush on this model due to several recent glowing reviews online.  I don't have a ton. Please don't hesitate in ordering if interested.


Lead Time: Approx two weeks. 


Prepare to have your socks blown off. There's not a .60 mm pick in the industry that can hang with this thing. That's not from me, but from the hundreds of owners of this model. Don't believe us? Play it for 35 days and return it if it doesn't change your life. 


The clf-.60ss is by FAR the thinnest teardrop on the market in this legendary material. In fact the only other company in the world that markets this material stops all the way up at .90 mm. Really? We say nay-nay. We are known as the company that brings the best materials in super-thin thicknesses. And we're the only ones who do it. 


(PLEASE NOTE: The "ss" after the model number stands for "soft strummer." This pick is designed for regular strumming and playing on light to medium gauge strings. It is NOT for playing heavy leads. For lead playing, please order a thicker model from us.)



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