Please Note: We normally sell this model at 1.50 mm thickness. However, the last shipment of blanks got cut a little thinner than previously, so for a while we will be selling this at 1.40 mm. With hand-finishing, these will come in between 1.35-1.45 mm. Thanks for your understanding. 


The blt-1.40 is a standard large triangle at 1.40 mm thickness. We tested these in the field for more than two years before adding them to our lineup (this material a CLP exclusive). It comes from the a related molecular family to our popular brown series models, but with some wonderful tonal differences.


We have heard from hundreds of our serious lead players that this one cuts through the mix just a tad more than the brown while still retaining warmth, smoothness, and tonal balance for which both these materials are known. This makes it ideal for ensemble lead playing and group jams. Play it against everything you own, including our own stuff. 


A final note: On a fluke, I started playing this model on mandolin about six months ago. Those of you who know me know that I'm a casein guy through and through, but boy, I was blown away by how good the black material -- particularly this model -- sounded on mando. I now rotate this model back and forth with our nmf-1.50 flame casein pick. When I'm playing straight leads and chop chords, it's the black; when I'm doing tremolo and closer work, it's the flame casein. Try it. You'll be amazed. 


Thanks for reading!






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