Charmed Life Blonde is made from an engineering thermoplastic that has been used for decades in the aerospace, defense, petroleum and medical industries. It is extruded at extremely high temperatures, yielding a material with mechanical properties rivaling metal more than celluloid, Ultem, Delrin and the other cheap plastics used to make picks. Our blond picks are not made through injection molding like the cheap stuff; they are machined from solid extruded stock direct from the manufacturer -- a laborious and expense process. 


In addition to being very quiet across the strings, this material is also assertive, sleek and fast, and ideal for strong rhythm and lead playing. Play it straight up against Vespel (which we also sell) and anything else in your hand. Then you'll be a believer. Comes with FREE SHIPPING!


The bnt-90 is .90 mm thick, with added speed bevels. Here's a recent review: 


I purchased a Blonde triangle which I received about 4 days ago. (Scott even looked up past purchases to be sure that I wanted that thickness because I had ordered thicker picks in the past.)


To my head, they aren't as forceful as a Vespel, but they have a warm tone, both strumming and flat picking. In my opinion, the Blonde has a very different feel and sound. It seems to be a great middle ground between the warmer feel of other CL picks and the precise and articulate qualities I attribute to Vespel . Even as thin as it is, it has a crisp, clear, and definitive sound to it. I tend to grab thicker picks when I play the mandolin, but this works quite well on the mando as well.


Great stuff, Scott!









bnt-.75 & 1.0 mm (sb) blonde thermoplastic